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The Quick Cash Offer program gives you the knowledge to make the best decision possible for your goals. This is no-cost and no-obligation quote… it’s a no-brainer. Let us present you with a Quick Cash Offer today. Along with a guaranteed cash offer we will present you with a market analysis listing price.

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When you call our office our dedicated team of professionals will ask a few questions pertaining to the overall condition of your property.

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Quick Cash Offer

Frequently asked questions

What Is Quick Cash Offer?

MacDoc Quick Quick Offer is a home-selling option for homeowners who want to control the timing and terms for their home sale. MacDoc Quick Cash Offer is a program for home sellers between Washington DC and Richmond Virginia. The process is simple: reach out to our office via phone or email, provide us with the address for your home, then a representative from MacDoc Realty will give you a verbal no-obligation offer that is contingent upon a walk-thru.

If you decide instead to go the traditional listing option a licensed realtor from MacDoc Realty will call to schedule a listing appointment to present a comprehensive market analysis (CMA) along with a marketing plan and a net sheet.

If you decline both options there is no obligation.

What Information Do I Need To Provide?

You will provide the address of your property as well as information pertaining to the condition of the home (ie. upgrades, known issues, special features and etc). Sometimes we will ask for pictures to be emailed.

How Soon Can I Receive My Quick Cash Offer?

Most offers are given same day but it can take up to two business days during high volume times.

How Long Is My Quick Cash Offer Good For?

The Quick Cash Offer is good for seven business days. If your offer expires and you are still looking to sell we’d be happy to update the offer.

Do Offers Come Close To Market Value?

You may be able to sell your home for more going the traditional route; however, the net proceeds to you may be similar in the end. When taking into account transactional cost such as commission, closing cost to buyer, repairs, upgrades, monies spent during the sales process (mortgage payments, electric, insurance, maintenance). Further, money is not the only factor. There are intangibles in selling such as time, energy, and stress that are impossible to quantify with dollars. However the “sell now” program affords these to you the seller. Going with the MacDoc Quick Cash Offer is generally lower than going the traditional listing option. We make every effort to give you the highest possible value but this model only works if there is enough equity for the property to be purchased, remodeled and re-sold. We factor in potential costs for renovations and then adjust our offer based on the in-person inspection.

Why Is MacDoc Buying Houses?

MacDoc Realty has built a strong network of investors that are aggressively purchasing assets which creates a win win for all involved. MacDoc Realty will work hard to make sure sellers make an informed decision via a transparent process. MacDoc is offering this program to put sellers back in control of the timing and terms of the sales process.

What Are The Benefits Of The MacDoc Quick Cash Offer?

Selling a home can be tricky. Selling a home can be a long and often frustrating process with the uncertainty of when a buyer will come along as well as the prospect of a potential deal falling apart due to the home inspection, financing, appraisal, buyers getting cold feet or etc. So, we created this program to allow you to regain control of the process. Now you have an option that allows you to decide the timing and terms of the sale. You get to pick the date of closing and can sell the home as-is. No open houses, leaving the house for showings, doing home inspection repairs or guessing when a deal might close. MacDoc Realty is empowering you to control the timing and terms of the transaction.

Okay, I'm Ready To Sell. Now What?

Simply go to MacDoc Realty’s website. Remember, we only buy homes in the northern Virginia, Fredericksburg and Richmond markets.

Does It Cost Me Money To Request An Offer?

There is no cost to request or receive an offer from MacDoc Quick Cash Offer. You do not have to sign any agreements or make any commitments to request an offer from MacDoc Quick Offer. After submitting a request, you can accept the offer and sell your home, you can list with an agent or you can decide not to sell at this time. It is completely up to you.

What If I Already Have An Agent?

If you’re working with an agent, you can still request an offer, or your agent can request an offer on your behalf. You should ask your agent for a professional valuation of what your home may sell for and how long it would take to complete the sale on the open market.

Is This Like A For-Sale-By-Owner Transaction?

Not really. A FSBO home may require home prep, staging and showings. FSBO homes are typically purchased by traditional buyers who may or may not be represented by an agent, and who may or may not experience financing issues. If you sell your home to MacDoc Quick Offer, no prep or showings are required, and your cash sale is certain on the closing date you choose.

Do I Have To Be The Home Owner To Get An Offer?

Yes, you must be the owner of the home or have the legal right to represent the owner.

What If I Do Not Like My Offer?

You can accept our offer and sell your home, you can list with a MacDoc agent or you can do nothing. It’s completely up to you.

How Soon Will I Close Once I Accept The MacDoc Quick Cash Offer?

You pick the day! It generally takes a few days for the title company to get clear title but once that is done we can accommodate any timeline. Our offers are all-cash, we don’t need to wait on a bank. Funds will be wired to the title company and held in escrow waiting for the agreed upon closing date.

Would You Allow Me To Stay In The Property After Closing?

Absolutely. We allow you to stay in the property for up to two weeks after closing. A small amount of money is held back from the proceeds as a way to ensure the home is vacated in two weeks and that it hasn’t been damaged. The entirety of that money is released back to you once we gain occupancy of the residence and do a visual walk-thru. In special circumstances,

Who Do I Talk To If I Have Questions?

If at any time throughout the process you have questions please give our office a call at 540.372.7777.

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